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Taco Rice Tuseday: This is Why I Can't Play Japanese App Games Like a Normal Person...

Well, I caved over the weekend and signed up for a Miitomo account. I didn't mean to, as I'm not the type that's big with social media (I thrive more on actual socializing then communicating through a screen... except real-time). But, my brother, cousin and plainrea sort-of talked me into it. And... it looked kind-of fun when I was reading the brochure on it.

Mii 14
Yep, that's what I look like, in a nutshell... puffy blond hair and all.

Now, the funny thing is that it took me three days to enter in my information. Not because I was confused about setup or indecisive about my character's final look. No, because the personality chooser distracted me to the point that I had more fun unraveling its algorithm then actually playing the damn game!

Okay, here's what happened. While I was entering in profile information my character's (and in association, my own) personality, I noticed that whenever I fiddled with the "Manners" dot a notch, I kept sliding between "Leader" and "Charmer" as my personality. I was confused by this, as I know my temperament pretty well and, and far as I know, I don't fit Miitomo's concept of a charmer and I really don't recognize myself as a leader-type (sure my friends tell me I have the aura of a "commander" persona in both my jobs, yet I just don't see those traits in me). So, that got me wondering... Why? I don't even fit those Barnum descriptor they have posted?

That's when I began fiddling with the personality pentagram to see what else the app offered. That's when I started to notice a pattern... there were four personality groups that Miitomo has you choose from. And from each, there were four sub-categories, divided into two different roles, and it added up to 16 types in all.

And it hits me... Am I taking a Keirsey Temperament Sorter?! In essences: Yes. Yes I am. Well, a modified version, at least.

If you really want to read the boring psychobabble...Collapse )

So, from that information, I started breaking down the personality pentagram. Of course you first notice is, "It has 5 sides... and that Aly clearly can't count"! Well, I figured that the five points represent the "Big Five" model (another personality assessment based on common language descriptors of personality). So, breaking down the Miitomo factors in this way, these are the manipulators I got:

- Individuality = Neurosis (SJ/SP/NJ/NP)
- Expression = Conscientiousness (F/T)
- Attitude = Openness to experience (IT/IP/ET/EP)
- Manners = Agreeableness (P/J)
- Movement = Extroversion (I/E)

Creepy, huh?! It makes sense, as each ray of the pentagram *does* have 8 points. And each point has the ability to manipulate two factors, so if you double the 8, you get 16. Okay, so I'm guessing that Miitomo created a hybrid of a Keirsey/Five personality test.

So, I tired my guess out. First I tried to see if keeping everything on 1 would give you an ISTP type:

- Not Expressive (SP) - Super Polite (P)
- Super Normal (T) - Super Slow (I)
- Super Serious (IT)

And this is what I got:
Mii 1 Mii 2

Okay, so the description reads as the not-so-positive 'shadow' traits of an ISTP, but it sorted ISTP type. So, if that's the case, then theoretically I can crank up the neurosis (Individuality) and it'll still come out ISTP:

Mii 3 Mii 2

Yep, still the same. Now, let's see if I can get get ISTP's "thinking" opposite, INTJ:
Mii 4 Mii 5

Wait, what? Dude, it worked!

Bla-bla. More tests. Aly sucks all the fun out of Japan.Collapse )

I should be getting Nintendo money for life for figuring them out! Of course, that was so much fun, I don't know if I want to continue playing...

Of course, I honestly think that the correlation I made with Miitomo's personalizer and the Keirsey/Five is, in no way, a coincidence. After all, I'm assuming the whole point of the app is to create a virtual version of *yourself*, including a rough guesstimatetion of your social temperament and interacting style. Nintendo, without a doubt, hired an army of physiologists and social engineers to hammer out this three inch data-mining pentagon that the average person might've spent 10 minutes looking at. It's a SOCIAL network, after all.
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I'm in too much shock right now to even set fire to my car...

But, at least the Cleveland Plain Dealer gave us some helpful advice on how not to be asses...
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Taco Rice Tuseday: Not all News is Depressing

My brother tweeted me this article yesterday from his news feed... it's only purpose in life is to make you feel good (after this week, we all kind-of do).

It's on how After DC, in conjunction with one of Japan's largest farming co-op, is still plugging away with helping Fukushima prefecture recover (and show that the apples won't give you a third eyeball) through what's known as 'rice paddy art'.

Screenshot 2016-06-15 10.52.44

Do you come in sub-titles, bro...Collapse )

I know most all of you guys know about the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown. But, what some may not know its after-affects are still going strong.

Quite a few Japanese are still freaked out about going to Fukushima (and I don't mean the actual city, the whole prefecture now has this bad rap for "you'll get radioactive ebola and die"... even the parts of the prefecture that were proven not to have been affected). Needless to say, all these conspiracy theories are leaving many towns outside the "WHO evac-zone" hurting economically... with the majority of them being agro-towns who can't profit on account that nobody want to eat their "plutonium rice".

And that's how Kagamiishi's "rice art" started. After seeing how other agro-towns benefited from this form of 'art stimulus', the group After DC helped Kagamiishi by financing their first field that spring right after the earthquake so they could raise money to help rebuild their town. However, Kagamiishi got a double left-hook, as it also got hit with the same tsunami wave that hit Futaba (read as: this is the "Fukushima" when people think of "Fukushima")... which left Kagamiishi the butt of a lot of "radioactive farm animal" jokes. Even after five years.

Anyways, its just freaking nice to see a group still in the game...
*Note: After DC is an non-prof that's been helping areas most devastated by the Touhoku Quake, mainly through business grants and domestic tourism.*
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Taco Rice Tuesday

I decided to come up with a new concept, mainly as a way to force me to not disappear for months on end. I thought about what would work… and remembered that some of you guys told me you sort-of enjoyed my pointless ramblings about Japan on account it’s not based off cartoons watched by 5-year-olds. I wanted to something catchy, but reflects how seriously I take myself... and thus “Taco Rice Tuesday” was born (taking two, border-line offensive concept main-lander Japanese have about American culture in Japan and merging them into one... as I’m a completely horrible person).

*Besides, who doesn’t love Taco Tuesdays... such an underappreciated day of the week.*

Anyways, this installment will focus on Uncyclopedia Japan. Well, most English speakers are familiar with the satirical site Uncyclopeda. However, most don’t know that over 90 language spin-offs exist, including a Japanese version. And even few know of the existence of the Japanese-nationals demographic that sees their own nation and culture as a form of personal amusement.

This post just happens to be instigated by 1_intheshadows. When we talked to each other, last week, I told her about how I took one of my wiki-walk through Japan's version of Uncyclopedia and just happened to stumble across their entry on the 80s cartoon Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. After a few chuckles about flagrant character stereotypes and telling her about how the only difference between the English and Japanese versions is the fact it’s written in a completely different alphabet, she urged me that I should *really* post up a translation. What else could I say but, “Amazeballs!”.

But, before I kick things off, here's a few notes to better explain this insanity

A few translation notes:
This is a verbatim Uncyclopedia translation... jokes have been untouched. Nor did I tone anything down. Therefore, if you find such things triggering as: profanity, sexually suggestive language, fangirl-bashing, Japanese sarcasm, reinforcing Chinese stereotypes, reading what “Glorious Nippon” really thinks about your anime obsession... you might not want to read this.

As Uncyclopedia Japan is its own entity (read as: it’s not a copypast of the English version), I had to screw with some of the links... mainly trying to find the closest English articles on Uncyclopedia that could translate the Japanese humor being conveyed (as I’m in no-freaking-way going to translate *all* of those links featured in the entry). Some I had to improvise with Wikipedia/Youtube/whatever, as those are jokes with no English translation.

If interested, here's the original entry... well, on with the show.

Uncyclopedia Catagory: YSTCollapse )

If there's any other articles you're interested in reading, just mention them in the comments (that is, if they actually exist, first). Hopefully this can be some fun times.
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Why Must Every Version of my Site Be Hacked?

Seriously, right when I'm finally in frame of mind to say, "Hey, I think I need to do some much needed maintenance to my YST site"... this nonsense happens.


As I logged-in, four days ago and was greeted to that.
Apparently, my webhost is, now, the most recent victim of data hacking. Come to find out that the servers for 000webhost were breached and about 13 million, plain-text usernames and passwords were leaked out onto the internet.

*Did I mention that this hack happened 5 months ago...?*

Now, it's not so much the hack that has 000webhost users pissed. Sure, 13 million is just a raindrop in the sea as compared to things like the Sony or Ashley Madison, but it's the fact that 000webhost didn't inform any of it's users about this until Forbs.com broke the story on Tuesday. It's kind of like that old high school "yenta-tree" when you find out that your *actually* pregnant via a "third-person party" that wrote it on a bathroom stall...

*Really, what's big secret are people gonna find out about me... that I'm a huge dork reads two different languages and binge-watches 80s cartoons from my childhood when I clean out my basement? Oh... I'm so scared.*

But, to be serious, we really should be. Since users of free-host sites aren't really what most seasoned hackers think of when they hear "paragon of internet savvy users" (we've all seen those sites: 1996-esqu layouts on a drag-n-drop program hosting bad Twilight fanfiction and anime porn). And, unfortunately, good number of 000webhost users are low-traffic, frivolous projects that are run by people who are more paranoid about their Tumblr account being hacked then this. *As I raise my hand up high*

However, I'm not that worried... especially about losing my YST site.
Mostly because I did have the foresight to write and installed an invisible tracker onto WtEDO, so I can pretty much keep a running tab on local ISPs and address, among other stats (yep, I'm data-mining all you guys). But, it also makes it easy for me to kill WtEDO and reinstall the whole site if I see anything sketchy going on in my logs. It's just, as of right now, I can't update it until my web-host patches their holes...

*However, it's the paid members with questionable sites and think they're "dark-web gangsters", but are really dweebs that think "Tokyo Drift" is a lucrative business career, who are the ones that really need to worry (you know the ones I'm talking about: porn, MP3 caches, bit-coin transfer sites... did I mention the porn?). Yeah, yeah... 000webhost "claims" that don't offer hosting to these types of sites. But, let's be honest, if the people are paying and their content is increasing their server traffic, of course they're going to look the other way. Which... is probably why they have a data breach, in the first place. I mean, you're really going to *trust* the friend of the friend of the one dude that runs the off-track betting site for Ukrainian dog racing? For reals, brah...?*

That's the sad part of being a former systems monitor turned school teacher... you know what people *really* use the internet for and work around it accordingly.
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We Want Beer

Pointless Post on Pointless Japanese Stuff...

It's not just radioactive motorcycles that's washing up on the shores of the United States, but apparently crazy Japanese food fads, too... As I found myself filling up a cup of chocolate flavored Diet Coke over at Wendy's.

I kid you not...
This stuff is insanely popular in Japan. Not to mention insanely sweet... for those of you trying to picture this: take a can of Coke and pour a few tablespoons of Hershey's syrup in it. Now what surprises me is, that with America's sugar addiction, that this didn't stuff didn't become popular years ago.

As for my take on it, I really can't stand the stuff and I only drank half a cup out of nostalgia (plus Makoto peer-pressured me into it). But, I'm secretly one of those weird, Kansai freaks that hides a love for the taste of Raspberry Dr. Pepper (which tastes exactly like scarfing down carbonated Robitussin).

Yes, it seems that even Japan has standers when it comes to taste... who knew. XD
(fyi: this is a joke on the Asian stereotype that Japan has no taste... in anything.)
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Instant Cray-Cray, Just (Don't) Add Water...

Who knew the zombie apocalypse would start in Toledo...

For those of you who haven't seen the news lately, an invasion of liver-eating, Blue Green Algae in Lake Erie is holding me, and about 500,000 others, hostage. The funny thing is that this is nothing new to us... we all know that The Lake has been making attempts to kill us all off for quite some time. Some years, it makes a better stab at it then others.

I should explain some of this...
Right now, it's the start "algae season" on the Lake Erie. It's nothing out of the ordinary for Toledo, its just all part of the four seasons that northern Ohio has... which are "Polar Vortex", "Tornado", "Fleet Week" and "Liver Eating Algae" (this is not counting the week-long "Kill All the Asian Carp Fest"... for some reason, tourist find this fun - not to mention further proof that everything in Northern Ohio is trying to kill you). However, since were going through a rain drought, currently, it's just making the algae worse (not to mention the city's got that cornchip-funk smell right now).

Just as the name implies, one of the major side-effects of "Liver Eating Blue Green Algae" is that it releases a toxin that, once it gets into you body, pretty much eats your liver (I know... I couldn't make this up if I tried). It doesn't matter if you touch it or eat, it has its own sketchy ways to whack us off. As because of this, we're been told, pretty much, to make no contact with the water. And, if you just so happen to, it's been advised that you call your local EPA.

However, due to "Ohio being Ohio", a bunch of algae grew right offshore and got into our city tap. And even if there was no liver-eating toxin and safe to drink, it's nasty look would make you think twice about that decision... with it's smell and neon green color that doesn't look like it should be a color found in nature.

I know... sounds like I just typed up an alternate 5th season opening to "The Walking Dead" (or some real bad zombie fan-fiction, take your pick).

Luckily for me, my addiction to a steady stream of caffeine and jogging has left me a good supply of Gatorade, diet Fagyo and canned OJ in my garage. But, I'm screwed with water since I'm one of those yahoos that can't justify spending 40% of my paycheck on bottled water when I'm already paying my water co-op for water which comes with free drinking water from my sink.

Today, we're on day two of no water. And, things have been interesting, to say the least:

This is the water/soda alias of my local grocery store, yesterday afternoon. Like the unlucky dude to my right, I was left with nothing but distilled water (hey, at least I can wash my dishes with it).

This is what it looked like at the grocery store a block down the road from where I was in the first photo. Makes my distilled water look a whole hell of a lot better...

This is the line I had to stand in for 1 1/2 hours just to get a case of FEMA water, this morning. They gave me more water then me and my dog really need, so I gave one of my jugs to the California firefighter fund.

But, I'm not panicking. I'm all cool. I've figured out how to wash my hair with half a bottle of Dasani and use the other half to make a pot of coffee. And, later today, I have to make that 40 mile run up to Detroit to find some water and a Dollar Store that still has red solo cups.

Now, if I start seeing Andrew Lincoln running around... then I'll start worrying.
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Sucknado 2013!

Just wanted to drop in to say I'm alive... I survived my tornados (yes, apparently were so damn special, we deserved two). I spent my evening huddled in a college's storm shelter, eating cookies with Perdue University's women's basketball team (seriously, I just can't make this crap up if I try...).

Let me tell you, it was one bitch of a drive into school, today... I have no power, no phone and need to find myself a new gas station, since the one I usually go was blown into Michigan (as well as a new Pizza Hut and new Subway and new local diner that employs hot girls in mini-shorts).

Oh, I now have an brand-new SUV in my driveway... but, it ain't mine.
And people wonder *why* I hate winter so much?

Merry Thanksgiving, everyone... may your days be less "sucknadoy".

Well, I finally have my house cleaned up. I lost two windows, but my landlord is replacing all the windows (since he can get FEMA to pay for it) and I had to say goodbye to my beautiful new SUV (it was a Lexus, too... it was nice while it lasted). However, my school didn't fair too well. As of yesterday, my school finally has their power back (our school was closes for two days, and was on a generator for two days). From what we were told, it was hit by a tornado... but, to my kids' horror, the place didn't explode/implode/other forms of violent demises (those poor kids). My classroom is still a mess! My windows are all blown out and I've been told my school won't help me replacing some of my stuff... all of which I'm not replacing 'cause I have no damn money.

I have one casualty to report... my copy of SK17 also got tore up, but a little masking tape fixed that.
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Anthony Bordaine

Don't Call the INS...

I’m alive and quite well…
Yes, I do know that I haven’t been on hear for… judging by my status, a hell of a while. Jumping the globe has been taking up the majority of my free time.

In fact, just got back home, this morning, from Las Vegas… attending an international teachers conference (which after spending a night in Phoenix due to taking a voluntary flight bump… I’m not complaining, I got $300 and a free motel out of the deal). Before that, I drove out to Maine and then onto Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Then, less in two weeks, I’ll be hopping another plane to Osaka, Japan for a wedding.

*Ironically enough, I’m taking an Asiana Airlines 777 out of San Fran...*

So, that is my excuse for not being on-line… I’m out living my life!

*I’ll expound on this at a later date*
PS: If any of you guys start getting strange mail from any questionable locations around /or after the month of July… now you know why.
Anthony Bordaine

What is that burning thing in the sky...!

Dude, I think the stress of the past three months is starting to melt my brain…
I had this bizarre dream that I was at back in Hiroshima, at a Carps' game, with my brother and my grandma. The context doesn't sound all that weird, but taking into consideration that my brother isn't a big baseball fan and my grandma's dead and everyone was speaking in pidgin... you get the picture.

I know… I haven't posted anything constructive for the past few months. And, when I have been on LJ, it’s either been 200 character paragraphs of convoluted rambling or me just stalking other people's comments. Well, here are my excuses for being busy:

1.) How busy, you ask...?
Well, for starters... here's what been taking up the majority of my free time, and MS Word, these past two months. This is my one of my history grad thesis: on how the concept of modern-day consumerism was invented by the grain-trade of the Late Middle Ages. I know, it's a great way to cure insomnia... hell, parts of this even put me to sleep, and I think this stuff is awesome.

And that's not the last one; I've got one due this week on Women Occupational Rights and Rural Society.
Not to mention, two more to bang out by May. This isn't even counting my essay testes for my classes...

2.) Just another brick in the wall!
Yes, this is something I also forgot to mention. Last month, I went back to university for my masters—in computer engineering education. Mainly, this came out of an epiphany that I had last year in which I discovered the fact that a bachelor’s isn’t making me the money I need, without having to work two other jobs, so that I don’t end up living in my car with my German Shepard.

Since I used to be a computer programmer during my marketing days, and currently have a part-time as one, the classes just seem to make sense. Besides, a good majority of people who are out "engineering" in the real world aren't really contributing much back, anyways, to kids that are genuinely interested in the field. And, these dudes (trust me, mostly they're dudes) wonder why the occupation rate in engineering is dropping...?

It’s not all the blame of the lack of math skills, boyfriends…

Plus, I’m also taking my electives in Japanese, to keep my ACTFL certification to prove to the Federal Government I really am bilingual and not making the shit up (the ability to actually understand me through my Yamaguchi-punctuated-with-Osakan, though… is another matter altogether).

3.) The creature double-feature.
Speaking of Japanese, I still have a Netflix movie I need sit down and watch. Marasaki sent me this as a gift and, form what she says, I’d like it; called Monster's Club. It's about domestic terrorism in Japan (a topic liberal-Japanese filmmakers love... much to horror of their Federal Government). With a screenplay inspired from the manifesto of our very own "Unabomber"... a young recluse, after the suicide of his older brother, moves to a cabin in the middle of po-dunk-Hokkaido and spends his days living off the grid, writing about the evils of capitalism in his journal and mailing pipe bombs to CEOs. But, the lack of civilization starts to make him crack, as he starts befriending a monster that’s skulking outside his house. I won’t give the ending, but think of it as The Deer Hunter meets Fight Club.

4.) Now I know my XLM’s…
Yes, I’m quite aware I’ve neglected EDO for quite some time. No, I’m not going to be fixing it. Yes, you can stop e-mailing me. No, I’m washing my hands of you. Yes, I’m not planning on responding back to you.

Half of it is because I do have a life (see #’s 1 and 2 for further details). Other half is because 110mb.com has been hit with so many DoS attacks, the hard drives in their servers blew up and all non-premium accounts have been in a state of limbo for two years. I took the news by moving to Malta.
000webhost.com is okay. No angry mods on the message-boards. No splinter-cell factions because they got kicked out of the server. No monetary-fund threats. No robots… Plus, they let me have a (very limited) MySQL account… and for no cost. I get better welfare services on 000webhost then what I actually had to pay for on 110mb. So, as of 2013, a new EDO will be moving and the old shell will be razed into the Stone Age.

But, as with any free system, there’s issues… like their TOS about wacking me whenever they feel like it has me paranoid. Viav la Welfare State!

5.) Eastayul4thkawanzana’al-Fitr
As most of you guys know, I fubared my Christmas cards. I didn’t forget about you guys, I just had more pressing things to write at my local Star’Donald-brary (and trust me, I’d rather be writing everyone paragraphs of eggnog-induced amity then Renascence England’s obsession with their damn sugar cubes.) So, I decided to say screw it and will send out “It’s a Holiday Somewhere” cards. Watch your mailboxes.

6.) I promise my next post will be less flaming-melodrama.
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